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SCCS is focused on excellence in application development.

SCCS  is expert in C#,, SharePoint, Web Services and Windows Services.

SCCS has over 20 years in experience integrating systems. We can put a new face on your legacy applications.

SCCS has a great team of developers itching to help you on your programming projects.

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Welcome to Sanders Computer Consulting Services

We are here to provide you with the best possible services for your small company. With an office in the Los Angeles area, we are able to service the entire Metro.

Are you tired of wasting time and money on IT?
SCCS knows that many business owners spend way too much time and money working with technology related issues when they should be focused on the issues that will make them money.

Let SCCS help you with the business of IT. Check out our services page.

Why shouldn't you have what you need?
We at SCCS believe that just because you may be a small business on a limited budget you shouldn't be restricted to "my buddy Bob" as your IT support. SCCS believes that you should have the same quality advice and resources as larger companies.

SCCS has over 25 years experience working with various Fortune 500 companies. SCCS helps companies improve IT performance through the analysis of existing business challenges and the IT systems that support them.

We can help your company with the best practices, analytical techniques, change management, coaching, application development, custom programming, technology implementations, strategy development and operational improvement.

Let SCCS prove that we are a partner that you can trust to help you manage your Information Technology environment efficiently and cost effectively.

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