WinJS Part(5)

Part 5

The Windows Library for JavaScript provides a set of new controls designed for Windows Store apps using JavaScript, such as the WinJS.UI.DatePicker, WinJS.UI.FlipView, WinjS.UI.ListView, and WinJS.UI.Rating controls. It also includes two style sheets (one with a dark color scheme and one with a light) that give your app the look and feel of Windows 8.

The WinJs.UI has the following controls available.

  • AppBar
  • DatePicker
  • FlipView
  • Flyout
  • ListView
  • HtmlControl
  • Menu
  • PageControl
  • Rating
  • SemanticZoom
  • SettingsFlyout
  • TimePicker
  • ToggleSwitch
  • Tooltip
  • ViewBox

The one problem that I have with the WinJS library is that it only works with Windows 8 Windows store applications.

The WinJS namespace provides special Windows Library for JavaScript functionality, including Promise and xhr.

The challenge with WinJS is that many of the features only work on Windows 8 applications.

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